Doodle with me! Daily! 365 days! 
No matter if you are an illustrator or just want to have fun and try, you can do it. And you may join me at any point. No matter if you like to do it as a monthly challenge, every second day, the last hundred or the whole year ;)

I will give you a topic list every month (click on each month to download a PDF file). 


So my call to action for you this weekend is to go shopping:
1. Get a sketchbook (I'll use three moleskines, each  with 108 pages)
2. Get some fine liners (My favs are the micron Pigma pens)

We will use the hashtag #365doodleswithjohannafritz. Whenever you post a doodle (follow us on instagram), please use the tag so we can all connect to each other and cheer us up. We also have a private Facebook group if you like.
Every Friday I will do a #fritzifollowfriday and feature one of my fellow Doodlers in my instagram feed. Make sure to use the hashtag #365doodleswithjohannafritz and tag me with @byjohannafritz.

I'll also doodle - as often as possible - live on Periscope (KJohannaFritz) so we can chat and share insights while doodling. Join me and my fellow doodlers over there to have a live chat.

365 days! Oh my... who is with me? Join us with your doodles whenever you like. If you only want to post every second day: go ahead. I want to challenge MYSELF with the 365 days. And am happy about every single Doodler that joins me on my way.

What my fellow Doodlers say:
Judy Sanqunetti: "Since doing the doodle challenge, I have been getting requests from my customers to list them in my shops or sell them exclusively." 
(Follow her on her Website & Instagram)