Baby apparel or MATS week #2

Hello hello!
I'm back from a short break last week. Remember? I'm taking the ecourse "Make art thats sells" . And the last week the assignment was to create some art for Baby Apparel market. Theme: camping. I loved that!

At first I sketched some fun characters. Here are some of them…


The there was the BIG one. And I wasn't at my desk at all due to the break! OMG! I took my laptop with me, but there is no chance to carry a 30 kg heavy tablet with you, while you're carrying a bag and push a kid in her stroller to the airplane. Haha. Picture that ;)

Anyway. As I did everything with vectors, I had the chance to use the mouse. That took way more time than using tablet & pen, but I wanted to hit the deadline on Sunday night. At the end I just had to add some details after arriving yesterday night.

This is my final illustration. Yay :)