Scrapbook illo OR Mats week #3

Hello hello dear readers.

Week three of Make art that sells already passed and this time the topic was "Scrapbook".
Wowzer. Never did Scrapbooking before. I guess it's just more common in the US than in Europe. Although i love the Scrapbook department in our local craft store. Such nice tapes and paper and stamps and, and, and… :)

Anyway. We were to draw some typewriters and cameras - kind of old style communication and sharing. If you like, I have a board on Pinterest where I gathered those items for inspiration.

And these were my first sketches…


I liked them, but I struggled, because I felt like this was all too technical, not enough fun to play with. So I started to think " What theme would I like to do Scrapbooking with? What would I like to remember?". Of course, my kid. So I tried to merge the baby and the typewriter-memory-sharing-camera-theme. And this is what I came up with…


And I finally fell in love with illustrating Scrapbook pages. So much fun. The possibilities seem to be unlimited.
By the way, the color palette is inspired by my kids Mini Boden coat. I really like to get color inspiration. I don't know why, but before this e-course I just used like every color the palette had in one image. But it's way more fun to really think about what color to choose beforehand.

Have a lovely day and have fun Scrapbooking… or whatever you're doing right now ;)