NEW: Stuttgart-Wimmelbuch + Give away {closed}

Yaaaay! Here it is. My Wimmelbuch (hidden object book) "Mein Stadt-Wimmelbuch Stuttgart". A picture book about my hometown, published by the lovely Willegoos Verlag


 I started to work on that a year ago and am so happy to finally show it to you :D
Where shall I begin? It contains eleven pictures with Stuttgart-places. Such as 

… the Schlossplatz…


…die Wasen…


… or the Weihnachtsmarkt.


And there is so much to explore in every single illustration. How many birds do you count? Where is the goose Guntje? Do you find the the trumpet blowing man with the parrot on his head (Stuttgarter peeps know him very well ;)).

Here's a little Video - flipping through the pages to give you a first impression.


Give-away time!
Where ever you live, who ever you are. If you like the book, feel free to enter via comment under this post to win a signed copy of the book. Just tell me where you live and what your two favorite places of your city/ town is. I'm curious and love to get to know you :)
Give-away closes at Friday, 8th November. The winner will be announced the followed Monday. 

Good luck every one. And if you can't wait: order the book right HERE or order it from the publishers Webshop HERE :)