Nautical Wall art

Remember that I am taking the bootcamp that Lilla Rogers is hosting? This month we have to do wall art. Wall art? Yes. Theme: nautical. I had no idea where to begin. I don't know why, but I only thought of wall art for grown ups. May be because we had to create such piece during Mats. This was mine
Anyway, as I thought "why don't I create some wall art for kids?" I suddenly had several ideas. My girl loves Pandas (I know, you are already aware of that ^^) and octopuses. Perfect combination. Haha.

Here are some of my sketches for the Mini - when I had no idea that the final would be wall art. I thought of patterns and such things.

Afterwards I scanned them in. I just need to have everything digital. 
The next step was my (digital with Photoshop) sketch of the final art…

This is the point to start to think about color. I love to use designseeds, but in this case I used one of the color trends I found via Pinterest and added the pink and orange.

And now I wish I could show you some different Layers. But guess what: I was stupid enough to  reduce everything to the background Layer, save and close the programm. Nooooooo! Stupid, stupid, stupid. Will never happen again. I.hope.
Anyway: before I tell you more about the process, this is the final illustration:

So let me tell you a little about my working process:
- I started to color the submarine, animals, corals, etc. on several layers with a flat brush. I am still using Photoshop, yes. 
- Shades get there on Layers too.
- What most of you might interest is the texture I guess? Here are two examples…
The planks in the background are an image I found on CGtextures. My favorite Website for textures by the way.
I take the texture and add it as a separate Layer to my image. The Layer has to be the Layer below all other Layers. I created a Layer above the texture with the background color (which is a Gradient dark to bright blue). Then I changed the (Color-) Layer Style to Diffuse Glow. Done.
Submarine: I chose a rusty texture to give the submarine some texture. I put it just above the  submarine-Layer (the animals are on other Layers which are above the texture Layer so they won't be effected by it). Desaturate the Layer so it's Grayscale. Then change the Layer Style to Diffuse Glow. Select the submarine, inverse the selection, go back to your texture Layer and add a Layer Mask. Done. 

I hope that helped a little. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. And now Ill check my Timemachine if it has a copy of my psd-file WITH all the Layers. Friday the 13th… :-/