Frankfurt Bookfair & my doodle

Today was an amazing day! Happiness is all around! I got to be in one of the most interesting events of all: the Frankfurt Bookfair or the world's largest bookfair!!! And not only that, I got to meet friends, clients and some of my wonderful talented doodlers!!! So grateful for them! and so happy to finally put a real face to their names (if you know what I mean)!

So here it is my today's doodle: BOOKS, and can you believe we are already in our doodle 87! Time is passing fast, right? Almost 3 months since this adventure started... without imagining all the good things that would come out of it, like... a new coloring book, new friends, so much fun on the way, and so much more.

Thank you all for our meetup today! It was great! And thank you to all who have joined me along the way! Remember you can join me whenever you want on my challenge, every doodler I meet on my way is a new reason for smiling, so much more :D

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 Topic: Books- by Johanna Fritz Illustration

Topic: Books- by Johanna Fritz Illustration