I am @byjohannafritz

Call me crazy, but I have a new account name on my social media channels. From now on I am @byjohannafritz over on instagram!!!

You may ask yourself WHY?
Well... believe me, I thought a lot about it. The timing may not be the best: frankly, I should have done it before I started my 365 Doodle Challenge. But I had NO idea so many of you would join me on my year long Doodle path  (which makes me so happy every day) and tag me in your pics.
BUT: I figured out it makes more sense to have only ONE name on all social media channels. Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram (I already sent a mail to Blab & Periscope & fingers crossed for Facebook)... I even bought the URL www.byjohannafritz.de (and .com too ^^).
Sometimes Insta pics are automatically tweeted. And then, of course, my name lead to an error page when you clicked on there - because it wasn't the same as on instagram. And johannafritzillustration was too long to use for Twitter. You see... so many things to think of.

If you take part at my #365doodleswithjohannafritz on instagram: please tag me with @byjohannafritz from now on, so I can find and consider you for my weekly Follow Friday feature.
THANKS and hugs to all of you!