Hello everybody!

So this year is going by fast and it's almost over... but first let's enjoy November and keep doodling together! This is the next topic list. I also sent it with my Newsletter and it is also available here at my Website: PORTFOLIO- 365 DOODLE CHALLENGE or just click here to download it as a PDF file. Don't forget to use @byjohannafritz and the hashtag #johannafritzillustration   #365doodleswithjohannafritz so we can connect.

Are you still not doodling with me? No problem, you can join my Challenge whenever you want, you're always welcome! And you can doodle whenever you feel like it, everyday, every week, monthly? Doesn't matter, just join our community, it's so much more fun when we draw together!

Love you guys. I hope you are still having fun and enjoying our daily year long project.

 November doodle list- by Johanna Fritz Illustration

November doodle list- by Johanna Fritz Illustration