Interview with Mollie Makes

I still can't believe it, but I had the honor to be interviewed by the german Mollie Makes magazine. Six pages loaded with photos of me, my home and (of course) my work. I share how I became an illustrator, how I struggle with life between kids and work and what my plans are.

But there's more to come:  a fun DiY tutorial that my friend Anja Brinkmann and I created together. I illustrated and she put it all together, sewed my bird deisgn and gave him such a cute personality. I love that.
I thought I share some pics from our creative process which was our starting point. It was a lot of fun. Thank, Anja :*

And this is the illustration I did for the short DiY that comes along with every issue.
I think this time I'll frame my copy. Haha. Just kidding ;D