NEW: City-Shoppers and WIN one of them.

I finally found some time to share you a really fun project with you. Those of you who follow me on instagram and Facebook have already seen all the sneak peeks of those brand new City shoppers that I illustrated for Moses Verlag. The Cities are: Berlin, London, New York and Paris.

Which one is you favorite? You have the chance to WIN your fav on my Facebook page today. So hop over, leave a comment with your City of choice and good luck :)

The fun thing is: I had the most trouble to illustrate Berlin. I mean - I lived there for about seven or eight years. I don't know, may be this is why
 All the other Cities I only know from traveling (well, I haven't been to London yet I have to admit. But I will for sure one day!). Which means they still have some "Clichés" like London with its rainy weather, Fish & Chips, Teatime, the Queen and so on. But I lived in Berlin and all the touristic sightseeing things weren't that interesting anymore after all. Do you know what I mean? I remember friends who visited me knowing more about "my" City than I did. Because I lived there and didn't care about what one HAS to see when you are there for only two days or so :)

Anyway… this is result. And I kinda like them all and am happy to finally share them in full detail with you my friends. If you aren't the lucky winner on my fb page… you can order them in every book store or purchase them at the moses Online Shop.