A Periscope Beekeeper

Yes! Beekeeper. I read BARkeeper. Yeah, well… haha… this is the kind of what happens when you are drawing live on Periscope. I never thought it would be so much fun.
Today my 365 Doodle Challenge was "bees". So I doodled some of them and then asked the audience what to add. Which is when the beekeeper came into play ;) And then I was asked to add some flowers, a butterfly… and this is what it looks like now.

This is my favorite Doodle so far. And I will definitely ask the audience again what they'd like me to draw. So fun. If you don't follow me on Periscope yet, do it :) I am KJohannaFritz over there. To give you glimpse: I katched one of the first scopes for you. It is really fun to see more and more illustrators over there. Now: they have to scope. I want to watch as well ;)
If you like to join the Doodle-Party, HERE are all the informations you need.