Live Lemon-Doodle on Periscope

So who joined me live on Periscope today? I am SO happy, because the app has been updated yesterday. Which means, I can finally draw live without any pixelation. Yayyy! And this was today. Thanks to everyone who watched and became a part of my doodle (see below).
Today's topic was lemon. This morning I found a Quote on Pinterest which made me LOL: "When life gives you lemons, paint that shit gold!" Hilarious. I have to pin that above my desk. My new mantra. Haha. So I… no, we!… decided to doodle a bunny, sitting under a lemon tree and painting the lemons gold. Love it.
You can watch the replay for some more hours on Periscope. But as this was a good one, I also katched it for you.