The Ahoy Collection & Red Bubble Shop

I thought, in between all those Doodles, you may like to see one of the collections that I desgined for Surtex which I attended with my agent Wundergarden this year in May. This one is actually one of my favorites.

It is based on the wall art illustration that I made for Make Art that sells Bootcamp last year. 


This one led to another wall art piece :) See below…

And as I knew that I am going to Surtex and look more into this whole Licensing world, I wanted to do some patterns immediately. So here you go…

And what I wanted to let you know as well… some of the designs above are already uploaded to my brand new Red Bubble Shop which will have many products available like wall art, iphone cases, cushions, tshirts. My wonderful VA will upload one every day as long as I have enough designs to share. Haha.
So head over, have a look and let me know if you like what you see. If you purchase anything, make sure to tag it with #johannafritzillustration in case that you post on social media. Like this I can connect with you and have a look how the products look like in real life :D