Get your illustration on the wall

As you may know: we are planning (and doing) an illustrators exhibition in April.So I am planning my part of the wall: which illustration do I want to show, how do I frame them, where do I get frames (mine a from rahmenversand), what could make my part special? Cause you don't want to get lost in the shuffle, right?

I decided to use some wall tattoos (is tat the right word in english? I'm not sure). In German it's "Wandtattoo". Why I chose it: because it looks so nice. Haha. Well, and it is something different between my (and the others) frames. And you can take it off the wall without leaving a mess on it. Hopefully ;)


So, here is my choice. I'll use three birds on top and my spring-girl on the ground. She'll point to some picture. I'm not sure which one it'll be, but… anyway. I printed it at print-it-all which was really easy. They price the tattoos by size. And I think they have a 10% discount at the moment with the code "winter". I'll put the link to my Links I love page.


And this is my plan so far: The upper part is work I did for clients, the lower part is my personal work. That's the concept of the exhibition. I ordered frames, prints… and still have to draw two further illustrations.

I actually didn't want to draw any new pictures due to a lack of time. But: I'm not part of such a great thing everyday. Right? So I'll use my Roadtrip-Scribble and the illustration I'll be using for my upcoming newsletter (yes, I'll be doing a mailing list soon - more details later ).

But I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Yippie! And I'm sure the exhibition will rock! Hope to see some of you there. Get more informations on our Facebook page.

Have you guys ever been part of an exhibition or even organized one? I would love to here your experiences.