Illustration process

It's a long time ago I did some progress posting. Maria Bogade showed one on her blog lately which is really nice. So I thought, I do it with this new little piece. I'll use the illustration for my upcoming newsletter. I keep you updated with that.So here it is: the drawing process…


… starting with a scribble which is already done digital (with Photoshop).

flat color

Adding some flat color underneath the scribble-layer.

using photoshop brushes

Giving it some depth with photoshop brushes. Have a look at Chris Oatlys newsletter. He is offering three amazing brush sets for free.


Then I put some texture on it to get a look that is not too digital.

fur for monster & cat

Then: my favorite part. Monster, cat & Co get some fur :)

Final art.

And finally: their hands. I wanted their hands to be on top of the fence. So they had to be on the top-layer. And this is actually the final art for my future newsletter Welcome-mailing :)

final final

As I'm part of the "Stuttgart illustriert" illustrators exhibition in April, I thought "Why not using that illustration?". So I gave it some background. I just think it looks nicer when it's framed.

Hope you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful weekend!