Perfect signature tool: Wisestamp

Every professionell (Illustrator) should have a good signature at the end of their emails. Don't you think? I had one, made by myself as the most do. Link to the Webpage, Adress, email, Telephone, Link to Facebook and so on. And I thought it's fine that way. But then I stumbled over Wisestamp. A perfect and simple tool to make your signatures look even more professionell. Facebook, Twitter & Co show up as little icons, you can upload pictures which link to your website e.g. and so on. And it's all for free.

So this is how my new Wisestamp-signature looks like :)


You can switch it off and on for each single mail if you like to. I just put the Link on my Links I love page. Have a look over their to find more of the tools I use. Have fun creating :)